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Carlos LEAL

Carlos LEAL – Zürich/Los Angeles - photography     

  1. bei N'JOY Coiffure - Bahnhofstrasse 8, 2502 Biel

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After being the singer of “Sens Unik” (9 albums, 5 Gold records), Carlos Leal started an acting career in 2000 in Paris. Since, he has received 4 best actor awards, among which he was Berlinale Shooting Star and best Swiss actor. He has developed an international acting career, working with names like Pedro Almodovar, Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe and Mark Wahlberg.

The photography has always been present in Carlos's life and while traveling, he loved to get street life impressions to build his film characters. But he seriously started his portfolio in 2020. 

Minimalism and story telling are his main focus. For him, the beauty of a picture begins where the meaning and the aesthetic find a strong connection.

Carlos lives currently between Europe and Los Angeles.

Carlos Leal

IG: @carloslealartist      @carloslealpics

Sur les pas de Carlos Leal

13 juin 2022 RTS

N'JOY Coiffure

Claudia Cutraro

Bahnhofstrasse 8

2502 Biel

032 322 24 20


Montag      : Geschlossen

Di-Fr    : 8:30-18:30

Sa    : 8:00-16:00

So: Geschlossen

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